Supporting businesses that support us

Boys & Girls Clubs of America back-to-school partners are helping create awareness and generate much-needed funding and resources for BGCA and the children we serve. Thank you for your support! You can support Boys & Girls Clubs near you as you check items off...

5 Strategies to Combat Summer Learning Loss

Combatting summer learning loss is a yearly endeavor for parents of school-age children. There are several great articles I found with a simple Google search and I’ll provide you with links to some of my favorites at the end of this post. Here are 5 things you can do...

5 Simple Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Love…And Moms Too

Childhood obesity rates are on the rise, and unhealthy eating habits are largely responsible. It’s time to fight back with some healthy snacks. To help make the lives of moms everywhere a little easier, we thought we’d give you a short and simple list of some popular healthy snacks your kids will love. These healthy snacks are great for your kids and can be made in minutes. That means less stress for you and more time to get things done.

Top 3 Web Filters for Families

Top 3 Family Web-filters (with a bonus program to eliminate time-wasting!) -By Tyler Reese K9 Web Protection These guys are a recognized industry leader, and for good reason - their customizability gives you access to dozens of features, such as: - Time restrictions...

Great Futures, Great Volunteers

Provo, Utah has the highest volunteerism rate in the entire country. We really are number one when it comes to volunteering. Pretty cool, huh?

Just this morning I had the chance to attend a meeting with John Curtis, Provo’s Mayor, where he thanked my fellow AmeriCorps members and me for our service. As the Mayor and some of the other AmeriCorps members addressed the group, I couldn’t help but think about the incredible volunteers at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Utah County.