Top 3 Family Web-filters (with a bonus program to eliminate time-wasting!)

-By Tyler Reese

K9 Web Protection

These guys are a recognized industry leader, and for good reason – their customizability gives you access to dozens of features, such as:

– Time restrictions (internet goes to sleep when you do)

– Category blocking (though you can still add/remove specific sites from the list)

– Traffic tracking (monitor websites visited, frequency, etc.)


Some parents aren’t eager for their kids to feel restricted, but are still concerned about what they do online. Enter KidLogger: an unobtrusive monitoring system that allows parents to monitor websites visited, keystrokes, even video chats. If you’re wondering whether you need a web-blocker, this program’s for you.


A quick, simple fix to internet safety concerns. If you’d rather not fuss with dozens of options, Naomi may be the web-blocker you need. The downside to this one is the lack of control: though Naomi’s list of harmful/offensive sites is extensive, no list is perfect.

LeechBlock (bonus round!)

Kids may not be the only family members who need a web-blocker. Designed to control the amount of time spent on “time-wasting” websites, LeechBlock is a cruel but effective tool for self-control. You add a website to the list, set the times (or amount of time) allowed, and it’s blocked. Wondering how to get back on those websites if you have a change of heart? That’s the cruel part – you can unblock access to your list by entering your own previously set up password….or an insanely long randomly generated one. This gives you access in an emergency, but sheer frustration at the password should be enough to keep you from casual access.