There is a bulletin board at Walden School outside of Bev Pecoraro’s classroom, highlighting all of the club options for 9th-12th grade students.


These club offerings are unique, not only because they function as part of the Boys & Girls Club after school program, but because they are so student driven. In fact, students approach teachers about the clubs they want to participate in. If they can garner enough student interest in a subject and find a staff member who will advise it, then a new club can begin.

Take a look at some of the things students can get involved with!


It was very exciting to see the club members at the Walden Teen site doing so many different things yesterday. While there are many things we’d like to have seen, we enjoyed the chance to see students working on the Mermaids Against Misogyny Literary Magazine.





Though we didn’t get any pictures due to the fact that the club members were already watching the movie that was going on, it was fun to learn about the Indie Film Club which watches a different independent film each week.

Probably the most fun activity we got to see yesterday was the Rock & Roll History and Art. Yesterday, students were able to cut out stencils and work on spray painting records. Check out the awesome artwork students have done!

The Walden Teen club is a fun and exciting place for students to continue building on the foundations of their futures. While still incorporating important Boys & Girls Club elements like homework time, a healthy snack, and opportunities for physical activity, this club provides a great service to it’s members by facilitating the intrinsically motivated pursuit of interests. Especially for teenage club members, being able to organize clubs based on their interests is especially effective for working towards a brighter tomorrow.

Great futures are starting at Walden Teen!