The Board has three primary roles

    1. establish identity and strategic direction;
    2. ensure resources; and
    3. provide oversight.

In addition to these collective roles, individual members of boards, by agreeing to serve, take on responsibilities for actively participating in the work of the board, staying informed, promoting the Club, safeguarding ethics and values, and upholding their legal obligations, among other responsibilities.

More about roles and responsibilities

1. Establish Identity and Strategic Direction

    • Establish Identity 
      • Determine and maintain focus on mission 
      • Establish the values by which the Club will operate 
    • Establish strategic direction, including: 
      • Vision for the future
      • Major goals and strategies 
    • Ensure that operational policies and plans support the goals and strategies in the strategic plan

2. Ensure Resources 

    • Identify resources needed, including:
      • Financial resources
      • Leadership: Chief Professional Officer (CPO) and board
      • Credibility/good reputation
      • Facilities and other physical resources needed for the Club’s programs
    • Establish policies for how these resources will be acquired and stewarded, including the roles to be played by board members (i.e., making a personal donation and active participation in resource development)

3. Provide Oversight

    • Ensure financial health by
      • Establishing financial policies
      • Ensuring fiscal accountability
    • Monitor progress toward strategic goals and evaluate program effectiveness 
    • Ensure compliance with laws and ethical standards
    • Safeguard and model organizational values
    • Provide annual CPO performance review