The kids from the Provo Clubhouse had the special opportunity to go see a Utah Jazz game in person! Derrick Favors, a player for the Jazz, very generously provided enough tickets for the club members and many of their family members to attend. What a great treat for the kids!
The Los Angeles Clippers were in town so it was a very exciting matchup and the kids had a great time! The fun started on the walk up to the arena with the entire club chanting, “GO JAZZ, GO JAZZ, GO JAZZ!” A large number of other fans saw this and joined in with the chanting. Once we were inside, the kids loved watching the players, halftime routines, dancers and all of the other festivities that go into a NBA game! One of our members, Ryan, even got the head coach’s signature! The kids really got a kick out of the Jazz mascot’s antics and the free stuff he was throwing into the crowd, a few even caught some Jazz gear!
Overall, it was a fantastic event! We cannot wait for another opportunity to go back to the arena and root on the Jazz! Many of our members had never been to an NBA game and they realized just how exciting basketball can be!