From indoor soccer, to volunteering, to looking at dinosaur fossils, the members of our South Franklin Teen Club have had some exciting opportunities lately! This is one of our growing sites, thanks, in part, to some of the great activities Club members have the chance to do.

Winter months can be tough when you don’t get to play your favorite sport, but a few weeks ago Club members had the chance to play their favorite, soccer, at the Seven Peaks Indoor Arena.



Serving the community is important, and helps Club members learn hands-on about “[becoming] productive, caring, and responsible citizens…” which is part of our mission here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Utah County. The South Franklin Teen Club members had the chance to visit Community Action Services and Food Bank, where they were able to learn about this nonprofit firsthand.

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Beginning in January, UV Youth, a group of students from Utah Valley University, established a mentoring program at the South Franklin Teen Club. These UVU students volunteer a few days a week at the Club and help with anything from homework to activities. The Club members especially like it when they can get outside and play sports with the volunteers.

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These Club members visited the Museum of Ancient Life where they got to see all sorts of fossils and other exciting things.

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Club members also had an activity day where they got to do lots of fun things like shooting hoops, bowling, and racquetball!

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We are so excited for our South Franklin Teen Club members and the opportunities they’re exploring as great futures are starting there. To support programs and activities like these, follow the link here and donate today!