The Amelia Earhart Elementary Club is one of the new Boys & Girls Clubs of Utah County sites that just opened this fall. They’re off to a great start helping club members chart the course to great futures! Garrett and I had the chance to visit the new club yesterday, and it was so fun to see all of the great things these kids are doing.

After school gets out, kids have a lot of energy. They’ve been in a classroom since lunch, so they appreciate the way the club day starts out with recess time. Following recess, club members go with other students their age to do a variety of activities. Yesterday, for the 5th and 6th graders, it was homework time.



Other students were in the library for book club. The younger club members listened to a fun and spooky Halloween book.



Older students were introduced to a new book, and had the chance to decorate the reading journals they’ll be using this year!

IMG_0351  IMG_0368


Meanwhile, other students worked in the computer lab.



One of the most exciting activities of the day was ballroom dance! Club members started by practicing keeping rhythm.



Then they learned the steps.



After that it was time to practice and put it together!

It was a great day at the Amelia Earhart Elementary Club. These students are well on their way to new heights and great futures!