IMG_5526The Diversity Club at the Walden Teen Center took an exciting trip to the Navajo Reservation from May 9-11.  Our student Jaiden’s family lives on the reservation and invited us to come visit.  They helped us plan an exciting weekend filled with really fun activities and amazing food.  On Friday right after school, we drove down to the reservation, that night we had a bonfire and storytelling,  where we heard Navajo creation stories, as well as scary skinwalker stories! Saturdaymorning we woke up early to go to the Navajo musuem and Navajo Nation zoo,  where we learned more about Navajo history and saw animals indigenous to the area.  After that we went to Window Rock to see the arch and then to Gallup for a traditional flea market.  Students bought turquoise jewelry and arrowheads.  That night we went horseback riding through Canyon de Chelly, which was incredibly beautiful and a lot of fun!  Many of the students had never ridden a horse before our guided tour. On Sunday, we stopped by Monument Valley on the way home and enjoyed a beautiful (although bumpy) ride through amazing landscapes.  It was definitely a trip the students will never forget!