Thank you for helping!

The Boys & Girls Clubs is a community based organization that relies on the philanthropic efforts of the community for support. We understand that everyone is busy and everyone has limited resources, but rather than do nothing, we ask for your help in doing what you can. Even if you feel it isn’t a big contribution it can make a huge difference to us!

Volunteer Your Time

From homework tutors to service projects, every volunteer makes a difference.

Join the Board

Being a board member allows you to make a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of kids.


The smallest donation makes a difference! Take 30 seconds and make a gift today.

Social Media

Sharing on social media helps introduce people to our club.

Plan a Fundraiser

Click here for a list of ideas of you can do with your friends and family to raise money for the Club.

Plan a Service Project

Have an idea for a service project? Contact our volunteer coordinator to start the process.


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Join the 458 Club

Sponsor a club kid for one year. It costs $458 a year to provide services for each club member.

Have an idea on how you can be invovled?