Smith’s visited the Provo Clubhouse yesterday and the Club members loved it! The afternoon started with coloring pages to be entered in Smith’s coloring contest!

IMG_2904    IMG_2905


After they were done coloring, it was time for frosting sugar cookies. The kids loved this activity! Each Club member received a tray and started with two cookies. They had a variety of frosting colors to choose from.

IMG_2909    IMG_2910


Some Club members were very selective about their colors,

IMG_2912    IMG_2914

while others had fun with color combinations.

IMG_2913    IMG_2918


With all of this fun, things were bound to get a little messy,



but in the most delicious way.


After cookies it was time for the Easter egg hunt. Each Club member was headed a bag and let loose to search the front yard of the Clubhouse for as many delicious treats as they could find.

IMG_2923    IMG_2931


When the bags were filled, Club members got resourceful.


One Club member learned that if you take the candy out of the eggs, there’s a lot more room left in the bag for more candy.


There were some ecstatic Club members, like this happy girl.



All of the Club members had a great time! Thank you, Smith’s for a great activity!!