March 18 was a special day for the Provo Clubhouse. Volunteers from a local organization, Clearlink, showed up to have some fun with our kids! They also came with a surprise gift.

Fun time was held first. After recess, Clearlink volunteers and the Provo Clubhouse kids participated in three different classes; Gym, dance, or arts & crafts. In gym, they got to play “Steal the Bacon”, a game based on tag. Dancers got to do some interpretive dancing as well as teach the volunteers a dance routine to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”. Coloring was the third class that many students and volunteers enjoyed.

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Then it was time for Clearlink’s big surprise! They donated over $1,400 worth of children’s books to the Clubhouse! The kids were excited about the books and loved them right away.


It was a great day at the Provo Clubhouse, and it was made possible by Clearlink. Thank you for volunteering your time and donating books!