As I sit in on the golf committee meetings I am always in awe at the amazing people that are involved in the LaVell Edwards Golf Tournament. Kent Nelson is an amazing guy who loves the Club and is always so generous with his time, money, and connections. He is a huge driving force behind the event. I’m always amazed with Kent’s attention to detail; He makes sure that every aspect of the event comes together perfectly. He’s a super busy guy who makes time for something he believes in. Vic Deauvono seems to know everyone in Utah County and has an amazing knack to be able to get great people involved in the tournament. Vic’s big project this year is to get Vivint involved. Let’s cross our fingers that he is successful; Vivint has such potential to help the Club! Larry Smalley, Ruth Riley, and Joy Ridd are also huge assets to the committee as they each provide valuable insights and support for the event. We are sad that Logan Wilkes, with Corporate Alliance, could not be involved this year due to his relocation out-of-state but I’m confident that the good folks at Corporate Alliance will do what they can to support this event. And finally, there is LaVell – the main man. When I first started working at the Club I heard about the LaVell Edwards Golf Tournament and thought that the Club had obtained permission to use LaVell’s name as part of the tournament. It wasn’t until a few years later that I learned that LaVell is the main driving force behind the tournament. He chairs the committee, runs the meetings, makes phone calls, solicits sponsorships, and spends countless hours making sure the event is a success! My hat is off to LaVell and his wife Patti for their amazing efforts on behalf of the youth of Utah County!