model UNOn the afternoon of Tuesday, March 18, the Walden Model EU Club went to BYU for a special training to prepare for a competition on Friday, April 4. We met with the leaders in charge of the BYU Model EU Conference and other students from Provo and Salt Lake City. We discussed several important aspects of the upcoming competition and reviewed the committee topics. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the committee presidency members who will run the conference in April (next Friday)!

We have 6 students in the Walden Model EU Club. We meet every Thursday after school to prepare for the upcoming competition. Groups of two students research a country in the European Union—we have Italy, Finland, and the Netherlands—for this event. The students are on different committees that research specific problems that are pertinent to the EU. After many hours of research, students form an opinion and write a position paper. During our after school club, we practice giving formal speeches and participate in informal negotiations in which they experience the complex process of politics. The students have been working hard to prepare for the competition on April 4!