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M-F 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
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School Year:
M-Th  3:00 pm – 6:00 pm;
F 1:30 pm – 6:00 pm
*Open most days school is closed*

Ages Served
K-6 Grade (5-12 years old)

During the School Year, we provide
transportation to the Club from:
Provost Elementary
Provo Peaks Elementary
Wasatch Elementary
Westridge Elementary
Timpanogos Elementary
Sunset View Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Spring Creek Elementary


*state assistance accepted*
*sliding fee scale available*

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Clearlink Volunteers

March 18 was a special day for the Provo Clubhouse. Volunteers from a local organization, Clearlink, showed up to have some fun with our kids! They also came with a surprise gift.

Fun time was held first. After recess, Clearlink volunteers and the Provo Clubhouse kids participated in three different classes; Gym, dance, or arts & crafts. In gym, they got to play “Steal the Bacon”, a game based on tag. Dancers got to do some interpretive dancing as well as teach the volunteers a dance routine to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”. Coloring was the third class that many students and volunteers enjoyed.

4 5



Then it was time for Clearlink’s big surprise! They donated over $1,400 worth of children’s books to the Clubhouse! The kids were excited about the books and loved them right away.


It was a great day at the Provo Clubhouse, and it was made possible by Clearlink. Thank you for volunteering your time and donating books!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Clubhouse

Smith’s visited the Provo Clubhouse yesterday and the Club members loved it! The afternoon started with coloring pages to be entered in Smith’s coloring contest!

IMG_2904    IMG_2905


After they were done coloring, it was time for frosting sugar cookies. The kids loved this activity! Each Club member received a tray and started with two cookies. They had a variety of frosting colors to choose from.

IMG_2909    IMG_2910


Some Club members were very selective about their colors,

IMG_2912    IMG_2914

while others had fun with color combinations.

IMG_2913    IMG_2918


With all of this fun, things were bound to get a little messy,



but in the most delicious way.


After cookies it was time for the Easter egg hunt. Each Club member was headed a bag and let loose to search the front yard of the Clubhouse for as many delicious treats as they could find.

IMG_2923    IMG_2931


When the bags were filled, Club members got resourceful.


One Club member learned that if you take the candy out of the eggs, there’s a lot more room left in the bag for more candy.


There were some ecstatic Club members, like this happy girl.



All of the Club members had a great time! Thank you, Smith’s for a great activity!!


Utah Jazz Night

The kids from the Provo Clubhouse had the special opportunity to go see a Utah Jazz game in person! Derrick Favors, a player for the Jazz, very generously provided enough tickets for the club members and many of their family members to attend. What a great treat for the kids!
The Los Angeles Clippers were in town so it was a very exciting matchup and the kids had a great time! The fun started on the walk up to the arena with the entire club chanting, “GO JAZZ, GO JAZZ, GO JAZZ!” A large number of other fans saw this and joined in with the chanting. Once we were inside, the kids loved watching the players, halftime routines, dancers and all of the other festivities that go into a NBA game! One of our members, Ryan, even got the head coach’s signature! The kids really got a kick out of the Jazz mascot’s antics and the free stuff he was throwing into the crowd, a few even caught some Jazz gear!
Overall, it was a fantastic event! We cannot wait for another opportunity to go back to the arena and root on the Jazz! Many of our members had never been to an NBA game and they realized just how exciting basketball can be!

Parent survey shows good academic/enrichment balance

A recent survey shows that parents think the Club is doing a great job at finding the balance between academic support and fun activities. The three question survey asked parents if they felt the Club helped their kids get better grades, if the Club helped them as a parent, and if the Club still gave their kids time to “just be kids”. The feedback was very encouraging:

  • 93% of parents expressed that the Club helped their kid(s) get better grades
  • 96% of parents responded that the Club helped them as parents
  • and 98% of parents shared that the Club gives time for their kids to “just be kids”

We are very grateful for the amazing parents that send their children to the Club! We promise that we will continue to do our best to help your kids reach their full potential.

A break for sledding

Check out this fun video of kids from the Provo Clubhouse taking a break to go sledding. Although the Club firmly believes in helping kids get better grades and setting goals for growth, we also want kids to spend time having fun and just being kids. Jolly’s Ranch is Springville was a safe and fun place to have some fun in the snow.

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